Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jason Bourne (2016) Review

Matt Damon is back in the Jason Bourne shoes again as he makes his return to the franchise in this something number sequel.

There are guns, car chases, explosions, and hand to hand combat, much as the same as the other films in the series. However, this time around it seems that the studio has decided to forego the clever fight choreography and stunt work and just hand the cameras to some seizure prone cameramen. 

Please, let me not understate this, Jason Bourne used so much shaky cam footage that halfway through the movie I wished I was re-watching The Blair Witch Project, just so I could occasionally catch a break when someone dropped the camera.

Any fight choreography was demolished by the shaky cam craziness, even the inner office scenes used it, when it wasn’t even useful!

I was a pretty big fan of the other films, but this one just left such a bad taste in my mouth, I am fairly certain I am finished with the series. Good news is, I caught a trailer for an upcoming Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise due out next year, so hey, same movie, different actors. 

I was hoping for a little spice via Tommy Lee Jones in Jason Bourne, but I think his spiciness has been replaced with a mighty big teaspoon of age. Every time he was on screen I just wanted to hug him, cause he looked so grandfatherly lost and confused.

If you like things exploding that make no sense, car chases that last way too long and do nothing exciting, and unrealistic  physics, you may enjoy the new Jason Bourne movie, but if you want a good movie, you should probably just choose a different film to watch. 

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