Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Furies (2019) Movie Review

A female-driven Ozploitation movie with strong social commentary on how quick we are to judge others. Even facing imminent death these girls can't stop their SJW crusade or work together to live. The movie unfolds several twists on the 'hunting humans for sport' genre. On top of our heroine Kayla having inopportune seizures. With each girl having a different idea on what they need to do to survive.

The director, Tony D'Aquino, does a good job of drawing the audience in. From (shocker) the girls doing dumb things to get themselves killed to Kayla's (Airlie Dodds) epileptic fits as a beast with a machete is chasing her. There are a few well-timed moments of comic relief. He also tips the hat to several horror movie classics.

Unfortunately, this movie doesn't do enough to stand out, with so many horror movies being released just being good doesn't make the cut. Lost in a pool of blood with other movies, 'Satanic Panic' (2019), 'Tone-Deaf' (2019), 'Riot Girls' (2019), Witches in the Woods' (2019), 'Burn' (2019), 'Escape from Cannibal Farm' (2019), 'Quarries' (2019), 'Camp Wedding' (2019), and 'Banana Splits Movie' (2019) give viewers no shortage of options. There just isn't enough time to watch them all.

The only real thing that bugs me in any movie like this, is showing tech that would require a full surgical team to implant. The costs would be astronomical. Plus the likelihood of failure and death. A missed opportunity, if a bunch of guys are running a human hunting channel online for other dudes to watch they would make the girls wear something more interesting than just the "street" clothes they were wearing when they got snatched. Any viewer of a reality show knows you have to meet the contestants. Tony missed some easy film time that could have brought a little more fun to this movie.

If you can make past the slow start this movie is worth watching. As with a large number of Sylvester Stallone movies (see Rambo Last Blood for a prime example), the people who made this movie wish they spent a little more time developing the script and characters.

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