Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) Review

The Frankenstein Theory takes a very unique and original look at the Mary Shelley story of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus under the pretext that an heir to the "Frankenstein" family has found notes and family memorabilia to suggest that the creature is indeed still alive in the Arctic north.
The film is shot from a documentary perspective as it follows a group of five film makers and Jonathan Venkenhein, the great, great, grandson of Johan Venkenhein which was the actual creator of the Frankenstein creature on their journey to discover the truth.
Timothy V Murphy ("The Lone Ranger", "Appaloosa") gives a perfect performance as the guide Karl, as he tries to distill in the crew the dangers of heading out across the Arctic with nothing but snowmobiles and a childlike misunderstanding of what exactly they are getting themselves into.
Kris Lemche nails the furiously curious role of Jonathan Venkenhein, who is a young professor who has been so consumed by his family history and the possibilities, that he has been suspended from the University in which he teaches.
Directed by Andrew Weiner, who co-wrote the story with Vlady Pildysh, the film is able to overcome the documentary tiredness that some films fall into and stand alone with good acting and great cinematic shots.
The creature, who is played by a very well seen, but unknown actor and stunt man named Roger W. Morrisey ("The Lords of Salem". "Hellborn") is perfectly placed and never overly used. This is more of an imaginative tense and scary fall through an unlit cave than it is a spotlight heavy horror movie where the creature is highlighted in detail and posed for each high definition shot.
Come take a look at the Adam of Venkenhein's labors, and see for yourself, just how wretched are the ways of men, both past, and present...

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