Thursday, May 1, 2014

Naked Zombie Girl (2014) Review

Naked Zombie Girl takes the Grindhouse genre and mixes in some new school Indie Art to give you a mouth watering, chainsaw wielding good time!

Meghan Chadeayne plays Barbara, who leads a group of friends out of the infected inner city in the hopes of finding salvation while her boyfriend Tony (Joshua Keith Mathews) struggles with the effects of being bitten.
As the sun sets, infection creeps across the land and we find ourselves riding shotgun as Barbara has her lucidity shredded, along with her clothes.

Naked Zombie Girl has something for everyone. From the unique and amazing infection scene with Joshua Keith Mathews, the Grindhouse chainsaw wielding nudity of the heroine Meghan Chadeayne covered in blood and determination, as well as the old school horror of being absolutely and completely surrounded by death with no modern day miracle explosions to clear the way.

Leading the cast of zombies is none other than D.T. Carney ("The Lackey", "World's End") whom, along with the makeup genius and artist Nick Reisinger ("Grimm", "Scary or Die") adds a true sense of doom and destruction to the normal brainless and semi harmless zombie actions of some other movies.  In Naked Zombie Girl, we learn that not all bad things can be washed away and forgotten, that the world doesn't return to normal for those who truly want to survive. Instead, we must embrace a certain amount of madness to triumph over the dead!

Grab a weapon and prepare to fight, clothing, modesty, and timidity are no longer required for living, tenacity is the only option. Welcome to Naked Zombie Girl!

Special Screening Sunday May 4th at the Bakersfield "Mini" Comic Con located at the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

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