Thursday, September 10, 2015

As The Man Drives (2015) Review

Disturbingly Awe Inspiring!

As The Man Drives is the kind of short film that stays with you, haunting your thoughts, and following you home. It takes a shot of dark noir and blends a little cigar smoke into the way you view the world, if only for a short while. Completely transporting you into the film experience in ways traditional Hollywood films can only dream about with future technology and the biggest record breaking budgets imaginable.

The score is nothing short of mesmerizing and hypnotic. It sets not only the tone and pace of the film, but also grabs you from the start and submerges you so deeply, you might just find yourself drowning in the cinematic experience, and not at all worried about coming back up for air!

D.T. Carney gives a spine chilling performance as the broken Detective Hank, struggling to make sense of just how far he has fallen. His partner, David (Rickey Bird Jr) struggles to give counsel as they make their way out of the city, into the night, where the truth waits with a finger on the trigger.

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