Friday, July 5, 2013

Stake Land (2010) Review

Don't be confused by the name, Stake Land is not a low budget rip off of Zombieland. While the effects sometimes leave something to be desired, as well as the behavior of the infected vampires, the plot is fairly solid with some great ideas used in the story line. 

Nick Damici ("The Black Donnellys", "World Trade Center") plays a great renegade survivalist called Mister. Taking the young Martin, played by Connor Paolo ("Camp Hell", "Alexander") under his wing after his parents are slaughtered, they travel the back roads while keeping distance from the religious Brethren, who believe vampires are God's punishment.

The visuals of an apocalyptic world are very nice, although they don't really make up for the failure of the vampires who look like diseased clowns and move like amateur stunt men fresh out of high school.

Written by Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, this movie would have made a great novel where the imagination could have created more terrifying vampires while holding onto the great locations and scenarios that the actors find themselves in.

The one saving grace for this film as well as the most creative reason for watching it is the way in which the Brethren attack a small community of survivors. While I won't hint at how it is done, I will suggest that you see the film, if only for this one segment of great film making.

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